Stalin’s Heirs

On March 5, 1953, Joseph Stalin passed away and Russia wept. Stalin was considered a god, and without him the Russians felt they had no sense of direction. They feared a future without Stalin in it. In his autobiography, Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote about visiting Stalin's coffin. He compared the massive crowd of tens of thousands of … Continue reading Stalin’s Heirs

The Stylistic Rebellion of the Stilyaga

The rebellion of the Stilyaga was one of the most mediocre rebellions in Soviet Russia. They were either the children of the Soviet elite or were war orphans, and were able to afford to rebel through the way they dressed. The Stilyagi rebelled through their style of clothes and music because it was not a … Continue reading The Stylistic Rebellion of the Stilyaga

Water Stains of Socialist Realism

Socialist Realism was the primary method of writing used by Soviet writers in the 1930's, and, in his piece, Mass Attack on the Watershed, Maxim Gorky spearheaded the movement of Socialist Realism. The story, which focused on the construction of the Belomor Canal, was geared towards unifying the prisoners and the state. Many of the prisoners … Continue reading Water Stains of Socialist Realism